Dr. Zhang Lee was a torturer who used various painful methods of interrogation to make his victims reveal information.

Season 1

After Sydney was caught snooping around a secure location within Taipei, Dr. Zhang Lee was called to interrogate her so she would reveal her employers. After calmly asking Sydney several times who her employers were, and getting no result, Lee proceeded to pull out her teeth. After pulling out a few molars, Sydney agreed to tell him what he wanted to know. However, in a surprise ambush, Sydney escaped from her chair and tied Dr. Lee to it instead, stabbing him with his surgical tool. (Truth Be Told)

Lee was seen again interrogating Will Tippin after he was tranquilized by Sark. Like Sydney, he interrogated him by pulling out his teeth, demanding to know the location of The Circumference. Lee decided to try another method and injected Will with a truth serum, which would paralyze 20% of its victims. Will still remained silent until he was released by Lee. Just before he walked out the building, Will grabbed a vial of the serum and injected Lee with it. While Lee was on the table screaming in pain, Will laughed and shouted out, "One in five you little bitch! One in five!" (Almost Thirty Years)

Between Season 1 and 2

Sometime between both seasons, Dr. Lee was paralyzed from the waist down and had to sit in an electric wheelchair, thanks to the truth serum Will injected into him.

Season 2

Marshall Flinkman was captured by Lee's forces so he could determine the encryption code of Echelon. Lee told him that if he didn't comply, he would pour an epoxy into his mouth which would expand into a solid and crush his organs and/or suffocate him. Flinkman fooled Lee's men into thinking he was installing the code, but really, he just made a computer game of Pong. Lee, infuriated, ordered his men to kill Flinkman. At the last minute, Sydney found Lee's hideout and all of his men (including Lee himself) were knocked unconscious, and Flinkman was saved. (A Higher Echelon)

Season 3

Sydney and Vaughn tracked Dr. Lee down in Cienfuegos, Cuba in order to find the whereabouts of Sloane. Lee, no longer having his menacing touch like he did before, denied the question. Despite Vaughn's persistent questioning, Lee still didn't know the location of Sloane. With no other option, Vaughn poured a corrosive acid through his leg and threatened to pour it on the rest of his body if he didn't answer. Pleading and sobbing for his life, he swore to Vaughn he didn't know. Vaughn coolly replied, "Wrong answer." and poured the acid all over his body, much to Sydney's shock. (Legacy)

Background information and notes

  • Lee is never seen or heard from again after Vaughn poured acid on his body. Since it was not visually confirmed as to what parts of his body the acid landed on, Lee may have survived and was taken to a hospital when his guards gained consciousness. Although, judging by Vaughn's anger, he may have poured the acid on his head or chest off-screen and killed him.