You may be looking for Yuri Komarov or Yuri Korelka.

Yuri was a K-Directorate agent.

Season 1[]

Upon hearing of Lavro Kessar's capture by Sark, K-Directorate sent Yuri and a few other agents to Tunisia to trade the Rambaldi manuscript for Kessar's life. While Yuri was busy eating food on his yacht, his deck guard was looking through a pair of binoculars to see when Sark would show up. Instead, he spotted Sydney speeding her ways towards the yacht in a speedboat dressed in an attractive outfit. Sydney subdued the deck guard and the boat captain before she crept her way to the top floor of the yacht to subdue Yuri. Although she sprayed knockout gas in his face, he remained conscious, and the two got into a fight. After Sydney fought him and rendered him unconscious, she used a gadget to unlock the briefcase containing the manuscript and other documents.

Sydney later pretended to kiss Yuri after the final guard spotted them in order to distract him. After knocking him out as well, Sydney stole the yacht with the K-Directorate agents still on board. They were later captured by SD-6 and interrogated.