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Personal Information

Known Aliases: The Black Sparrow
Sex: F
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation(s): SVR, The Covenant

Known Relatives

Parents: Mother (name unknown, deceased), Father (Name & Status Unknown)
Siblings: Elena Derevko (deceased), Irina Derevko (deceased)
Brother-in-Law: Jack Bristow (deceased),
Nieces: Sydney Bristow, Nadia Santos (deceased)
Grandnieces & nephews: Isabelle Vaughn, Jack Vaughn


Yekaterina Derevko (more commonly referred to as 'Katya, mainly by her sisters), is the second of the three Derevko sisters introduced in Alias. She is portrayed by Isabella Rossellini.

Katya is first introduced in 3.12 Crossings, after she is sent by her sister (Irina Derevko) to aid Jack, in response to his request for help in extracting both Sydney and Vaughn from a North Korean prison. Upon introduction, Katya reveals that Sydney is alive and that her services come at a price - Jack must kill Arvin Sloane, she calls it a "preventative measure". Katya leads Jack to a restaurant in Korea town, LA, to call on a debt from its owner - Mr. Cho. When Mr. Cho declines to help, Katya stabs both his hands with skewers and demands he contacts Mr. Kwan.

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