Wilkinson was an SD-6 Operative sent to spy on Sydney.

Season 1[]

After leaving her college, Sydney spotted a man in a suit named Dr. Wilkinson talking to another man on his cell phone. But when Sydney looked at her cell phone, she noticed there was no signal in the area; Wilkinson was faking the call. Wilkinson kept eyeballing her over and over again, but unbeknown to Wilkinson, Sydney was observing him too. Wilkinson, still pretending to have a conversation, told the man on the other line to hold on and he began to follow Sydney. Suddenly, Sydney tackled Wilkinson to the ground and demanded to know who he worked for.

According to Sloane, Wilkinson was an agent assigned to follow her, but Sydney thought he was an agent from K-Directorate since she stole the Rambaldi clock they were so desperately trying to obtain.

Background information and notes[]

  • Since Wilkinson isn't a doctor, this might not even be his real name and was probably just an alias.