Dr. Vasson was a torturer for NSC. He tried to coerce Sydney Bristow to give Robert Lindsey coordinates from her past.

Season 3[]

Vasson was first seen inside of a room after Sydney had been captured by Lindsey's mercenaries. He demanded to know a set of secret coordinates that Sydney remembered from her past, but Sydney repreatedly decided not to tell him. With no other option, Vasson began to torture Sydney via painful electrocution.

During her second interrogation, Sydney acquired a paper clip and escaped from Vasson, kncoking out the guards and shooting him with a tranquilizer. Unfortunately, Sydney was recaptured and Vasson resumed his torturing plans. After Sydney revealed the coordinates to Lindsey (thinking her prison mate, Campbell was about to die) Vasson and Lindsey began to pick at Sydney's brain to learn more information. Just as Vasson was about to open up her skull, mercenaries led by Jack Bristow and his friend Thomas Brill stormed the room, shooting everyone with a tranquilizer. Even though Vasson was hit, he was still conscious and tried to kill Sydney. Sydney quickly grabbed a scalpel and threw it into his neck.