Ulrich Kottor is a terrorist and the founder of the coalition Third Faction.

Before Season 4[]

Kottor recruited a man named Alex Rucker into his terrorist faction and later became great friends with him over the years.

Season 4[]

Ulrich and Rucker were relaxing inside a club in Havana when Rucker rose from his seat and danced with Sydney Bristow, posing as a dancer. While they danced, Ulrich surveyed them closely and eventually realized that Rucker was betraying him and attempting to get out of his faction. Kottor and his men kidnapped Rucker and Sydney and dragged them to a cemetary, where he executed Rucker in front of Sydney and later buried her inside the same coffin he buried Rucker's body in.

After APO realized that Kottor's computer storing the information about Third Faction's next target was locked away inside his nightclub, Marshall and Sydney traveled to Berlin and infiltrated the club in disguise. Marshall met with Kottor posing as a man who knew more information about a traitor in Kottor's faction. With the help of Sydney, Marshall was able to get information about the computer with a Cigarette case . The computer was located in the basement of the club, encryped by a firewall, which meant Marshall had to "persuade" Kottor to get into his basement. As Marshall prepared to load his cellphone disguised as a gun, it misfired and he shot Kottor in the chest. Marshall was forced to cut out Kottor's eyes with the help of Jack; one was damaged and rendered useless by a letter opener and the other was extracted with a spork. Sydney and Marshall later obtained the hard drive with his retina.