Trust Me


Production code
October 6 2002
Written by
John Eisendrath
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by

Trust Me is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Alias and the 24th episode overall. Sydney must decide whether her mother's goodwill gesture was sincere or an attempt to kill her. Will witnesses Francie discussing her restaurant plans with a man whose affiliations are questionable, and Sloane is made a full partner in the malevolent Alliance of Twelve.

Plot Overview[]

Under the charge of Asst. Director Kendall, Irina is led in shackles to a cell in a secret Operations Facility in LA. Jack conveys his doubts about her sincerity to Sydney, who herself wishes that her mother dies for all she's done. Sydney also tells Vaughn that she's convinced Sloane killed Emily.

In London, Sloane, now a full partner in the Alliance, is given a mysterious injection. Later, Sloane admits to Sydney that the Alliance knows Khasinau is dead and believes Irina to be in hiding. He sends Sydney to retrieve a computer disk containing compromising info that Irina used for blackmail purposes. The disk is in a safe in a Rabat hotel room occupied by one Mohammed Naj. For her countermission, she's to give the disk to Richard Schmidt, an undercover agent at the Rabat embassy, who will create a bogus copy for Sydney to return to SD-6. Or, Vaughn says, you could ask your mother for the disk's contents. She refuses.

Vaughn, under pressure from Kendall, speaks to the uncooperative Irina. She bends when Vaughn mentions Sydney's mission to Rabat, saying that Sydney must first pull a fire alarm before opening the safe. Is it the truth or a trick? Vaughn quickly contacts Sydney, who, dressed as an Italian traveller, is about to crack the safe. A suspcious Sydney refuses to pull the alarm but when she snatches the disk, an alarm sounds anyway. Syd escapes but can't transfer the disk to Schmidt.

Once back in LA, Sydney relents and agrees to see Irina, who says Sloane will use the info on the disk to bribe Peter Fortson, the creator of the T-Wave Satellite Camera, a super-sensitive spying device originally meant for use by the Pentagon. She asks for Sydney's trust. Sydney maintains her composure but breaks down after she exits.

Syd and Vaughn travel to Fortson's Helsinki lab to retrieve the camera before Sloane does. Dressed as a Eurobabe in a black wig, she narrowly avoids Sloane and steals the camera. Shortly thereafter, Sloane shoots Fortson in the leg when he discovers the camera is missing.

Back home, Will, who has been doing community service, offers to help Francie set up her restaurant.

Sydney goes to Irina again and lays down guidelines for their interaction in order to depersonalize their relationship. "You are not my mother," she says. Irina acquiesces.



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  • "Shelter from the Storm" by Bob Dylan
  • "Touch Me" by Supreme Beings of Leisure
  • "Fusco's Song" by Catie Curtis

Filming Locations[]

  • Figueroa Hotel - 939 S. Figueroa Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  • Jack: Irina Derevko is an opportunistic sociopath who'll use whatever inroads she can make with my daughter to get what she wants.

  • Sydney: Why should I do that?
  • Irinia: Because I'm your mother.

  • Sydney: you remember the Thanksgiving play I was in that year in school? Was I a pilgrim or an Indian?
  • Jack: You were neither. You were a turkey.