Thomas Raimes was a CIA agent in deep cover with Milos Kradic's organization.

Season 4[]

After Raimes dropped the radar for several weeks, the CIA got suspicious of Raimes and thought he was dead, captured, or betrayed the agency. Vaughn and Dixon traveled to Amsterdam to observe a meeting with Kradic and found Raimes along with him, alive and well.

Inside the club, Vaughn slipped a vomit-inducing pill into Raimes' drink, where Raimes quickly departed to the bathroom to throw up. Vaughn and Dixon cornered Raimes in the lavatory and demanded to know why he hadn't reported to Langley yet. Raimes told them that Kradic was buying a dangerous weapon that had enough power to kill half a million people. Even though one of Kradic's henchmen already killed 15 people inside an embassy with a bomb, Raimes knew if he contacted the CIA, his cover would be blown. Raimes departed back tp Kradic after Dixon and Vaughn let him keep his cover.

Dixon himself also joined Raimes' cover, where he posed as Linus Halsey, a hacker who was captured by Vaughn. While Vaughn was interrogating Halsey, Dixon was able to say all the words he said and was able to keep his cover as the hacker, entering the organization with Raimes.

After robbing the Hydrosek weapon, Raimes discusses with Dixon about the casualties inside the embassy. He tells Dixon that the deaths were acceptable and deemed them as collateral damage, knowing thousands more would die if he broke his cover. Dixon confesses to Raimes that he had a wife who was killed due to his job, something he was unable to regard as "collateral damage".

As Kradic and his team began to board the plane leading out of the country, Aleksander was informed by a man with glasses that Dixon was working for the CIA, which he whispered to Kradic. Kradic became hostile and held his gun up to Raimes and Dixon, threatening to kill them both if the traitor didn't identify himself. With no other option, Raimes took the blame, killed two of Kradic's men and getting shot in the process. Dixon, still keeping his cover, agreed to help Kradic by taking care of Raimes himself. He pointed a gun at Raimes' chest and, with Vaughn on the other end, shot him. Dixon left Raimes' body for Vaughn to collect, where he was rushed to a hospital after being rescued by CIA agents.

Background information and notes[]

  • Even though Vaughn said Raimes was in critical condition, there's a possibility that he died later on in the series, because he was never heard from again and had been shot in the chest twice.