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You may be looking for the Season 5 episode entitled The Horizon.

The Horizon was a Rambaldi artifact that granted the beholder immortality. It was a key piece in achieving Rambaldi's endgame of world peace.


The terrorist organization Prophet Five began its pursuit of obtaining The Horizon. It came to the attention of the CIA and APO shortly after the organization attempted to murder Michael Vaughn, whose father was a member of Prophet Five many years ago.

Prophet Five abducted Sydney Bristow and probed her memories, attempting to discover the location of The Horizon, which was hidden on a chart of SD-6 that she had been shown by Vaughn when first recruited by the CIA. The code, Leo-47 Norte, was an SD-6 mission that took place in France. Sydney purposely gave Prophet Five the wrong code.

After learning of Sydney's deception, Irina Derevko, a partner in Prophet Five, reached out to Sydney to discover the location. Sydney, Irina, and Jack infiltrate a bank in Vancouver to steal The Horizon, which was being stored in a safety deposit box. Irina escaped with the device.

Irina, working with Sloane, discovered the location of Rambaldi's Tomb. It was here that The Horizon was to be constructed. Sloane placed the device in a pedestal in the tomb, activating the procedure that would ultimately grant him immortality. The device was recovered by Julian Sark after Sloane's apparent death and given to Irina in Hong Kong.

Sydney rushed out to Hong Kong to prevent her mother from exploiting the power of The Horizon and to stop her from launching the stolen missiles. The two battled in the apartment, where her mother ultimately perished and The Horizon fell from the roof. It is unknown if the device was destroyed or if it was retrieved by the CIA following the battle.


The Horizon was the final piece in Rambaldi's endgame that would result in a lasting peace on Earth. The outer shell worked in conjunction with the Sphere of Life and, when placed on the pedestal in Rambaldi's tomb, created an orb similar to that of the Mueller Device. The Horizon would then fill with the red liquid that would be able to convey immortality.


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