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Terrorist Organization

The Covenant was a large, powerful, and secretive intelligence/terrorist organization.  It was a "loose affiliation of Russian nationalists" composed of retired KGB and former Central Committee members, all dedicated to the new world envisioned by Milo Rambaldi. It functioned much like an organized crime family. At one point, it had six cell leaders, until Julian Sark and Lauren Reed (a double agent in the U.S. National Security Council and Michael Vaughn's ex-wife) assassinated them in a bid for power. The Covenant had secured Sark's release to gain access to his wealth as a Romanov descendant. McKenas Cole had somehow managed to secure his own release and was now the second most powerful individual in the Covenant.

After Season 2[]

At the end of season 2, Sydney Bristow and Allison Doren were unconcious in Sydney's Apartment. At this point, The Covenant abducted them both, setting fire to the apartment and faking their deaths.

Season 3[]

During season 3, the Covenant was based in St. Petersburg. Two of its front companies were the Dryden Bank and Chantre Telecom.

The Covenant cured  Allison Doren of her gunshot wounds and she became a Covenant operative. While The Covenant tried to brainwash Sydney into becoming Julia Thorne, a ruthless contract killer that was determined to avenge the death of her parents. However, due to the Project Christmas protocol Jack Bristow had used on Sydney, the 9 months of brainwashing were a failure. Sydney then convinced The Covenant she had been turned and thus proved her loyalty. She was then operational within The Covenant. She contacted the CIA and spoke to Kendall who fully debriefed her. After finding out that Michael Vaughn was married to Lauren Reed (later exposed as a Covenant operative), she agreed to continue to work within The Covenant as a double agent.

Sydney was ordered by The Covenant to kill the Russian diplomat Andrian Lazarey, which resulted in his son Julian Sark inheriting $800 million fortune and funding The Covenant. In reality, Sydney faked Lazarey's death and the two embarked on a sucessful mission to retrieve an artifact containing Rambaldi's DNA.  The Covenant wanted the artifact as they believed his DNA could be used to conceive a child with Sydney, the Chosen One.  Following this revelation, Sydney hid the artifact and had her memories of it erased in the hope that the DNA would never be found.

At the end of season 3, Lauren Reed was killed and Sark was captured.

Season 4[]

In season 4, the Covenant has disappeared as a threat and Sark later referred to the "implosion of the Covenant." However, the "implosion" was a ruse perpetrated by Elena Derevko, who was revealed to be the leader of the Covenant (Irina Derevko had actually been trying to prevent Elena's endgame). Elena's new headquarters, based in Prague, was eventually raided and Elena managed to escape.

Elena's endgame, based on her interpretation of one of Rambaldi's prophecies of an apocalypse called Il Diluvio, (The Flood). Covenant operatives primed the world's water with Rambaldi substances and Elena activated an enormous Mueller device in Sovogda, Russia. The device broadcast a frequency which caused those who had consumed the tainted water to go into a mindless rage. Elena's intended to "cleanse the world" after the entire population had been affected with only a few survivors. With the help of Irina, the APO team managed to prevent The Flood and Elena was killed by Irina. Nadia Santos, however, had been captured and injected with the tainted water. She was sent out to fight her sister, Sydney, as foreseen by Rambaldi. Sydney managed to survive only after the intervention of Arvin Sloane, who shot Nadia and put her in a coma.

Known Members[]