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I realize it's quite "late", but, I always thought the ultimate power was Motherhood; not eternal life (as said in the article).

Sydney Bristow metaphorically renders motherhood unto utter desolation, when she defeats her mother. This is why only she could do it. Only she could 'be' Irinas daughter. If anyone else destroyed Irina, they wouldn't have destroyed the ultimate power, because she wouldn't have been their mother. Only Sydney could render motherhood unto utter desolation. This reasoning is fortified when Irinia chooses to fight Syd. Had *anyone* else been there to stop Irina, the power of motherhood would not have been rendered unto utter desolation. The power which is motherhood is destroyed. Whatever mother-daughter bond they had was destroyed throughout season 5, and Syd left it in utter desolation. I believe the ultimate power, as described in the prophecy, is mentioned in reference to motherhood, not eternal life.

Syd doesn't leave eternal life "unto utter desolation", but she renders (the power of) motherhood unto utter desolation. Not by choice but by necessity.

This should be viewed in contrast to sydneys own motherhood. She becomes a mother in season 5, and it becomes "clear" that motherhood is a great force in itself.

Oh, and I'm not a mother, not even female, and have no children; so I'm not biased towards believing motherhood is the greatest power ever, or "divine", or what have you. 01:19, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

The Mueller Device In Sovogda Edit

I thought it was Elena Derevko who created the Mueller Device in Sovogda, since Irina was being held captive by her sister at that point. 23:53, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

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