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Shipman was the name of an airfield based out of the Mojave Desert. It was run by mercenaries and ex-soldiers who were dishonorably discharged and most noted for arms dealing and smuggling.

Season 2[]

Shipman was first mentioned by Sloane shortly after he killed one of his hackers named Holden Gemler. He needed to access one of the cargo planes at the airfield. Realizing there was no other way of tracking Sloane, Sydney and Vaughn traveled to the airfield.

While Vaughn posed as an arms dealer in order to distract another dealer's bodyguards, Sydney covertly gained access to the plane and downloaded the records, revealing that Sloane was located in Switzerland. In the process, a mercenary spotted Sydney and she was forced to attack him. The fight proceeded to the runway and Sydney wound up repelling the attacker by hurling his body into a plane's propeller, just in time for Vaughn to rescue her.