Seth Lambert was a senior CIA agent who took over as Sydney's handler for a brief period as it was felt that Michael Vaughn was not experienced enough.

Season 1[]

Lambert looked over Sydney's case file with Vaughn, and asked if there was anything else he should know. Vaughn said Sydney was capable of speaking for herself. Lambert looked at Sydney's photo and made a sexual comment about her, angering Vaughn even further with regards to his removal from the case.

Lambert met with Sydney and incorrectly referred to her murdered fiancée as "Kenny". He explained that he just called her in to meet her, and Sydney berated him for putting herself and her cover in danger, saying that there was a division of SD-6 whose sole responsibility was security.

Sydney met with Lambert who gave her a two-way earpiece to use during an upcoming meeting with K-Directorate where the box containing a Rambaldi sketch (possessed by SD-6) would be opened by a key (possessed by K-Directorate). He said that they wanted Sydney to tag Anna, but she said that it was suicide and one of Anna's agents would see her doing so and shoot her. She said that if Vaughn wasn't on the other end of the earpiece when she turns it on, she would give the CIA nothing. Lambert tried to reason with her but Sydney walked away.

After Sydney's demands, Lambert was removed as her handler and Vaughn was reinstated.


  • Seth Lambert: Look at her. Wouldn't kick that out of bed. (Parity)

  • Seth Lambert: I just love your spirit. (Parity)

  • Seth Lambert: Vaughn is a junior officer.
  • Sydney Bristow: Then promote him. (Parity)