The Season 5 cast of Alias. L to R: Marshall Flinkman (Kevin Weisman), Marcus Dixon (Carl Lumbly), Thomas Grace (Balthazar Getty), Jack Bristow (Victor Garber), Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), Renée Rienne (Élodie Bouchez), Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin) and Rachel Gibson (Rachel Nichols)

Season 5 of Alias aired from September 29 2005 to May 22, 2006. Between December 2005 and April 2006, the series went on hiatus due to Jennifer Garner's real-life pregnancy as well as news of the show's cancellation. Season 5 consisted of 17 episodes, including four double-length episodes, two aired back-to-back upon its return from hiatus, and another two aired back-to-back for the series finale.


As Season 5 begins, Vaughn is abducted. Sydney learns that Vaughn is under suspicion of being a double agent and that the crash may have been a cover for his extraction. Vaughn later escapes and explains to Sydney that his real name is André Michaux. He reveals that he is investigating a secret operation known as Prophet Five, which at one point involved his father. During a mission in recovering a Prophet 5 book, Sydney receives a phone call from her doctor with some untimely news - she's pregnant (a development created to deal with the actress' real-life pregnancy). Vaughn is later shot, and apparently killed, on orders of Prophet Five operative Gordon Dean (Prophet 5). Four months later, as Sydney continues to investigate Vaughn's murder, she works with an assassin and associate of his, Renée Rienne, in order to unearth the inner workings of Prophet Five, while at the same time trailing Dean and his criminal organization "The Shed," disguised as a black ops CIA division, very much like SD-6.

Two new members are added to APO to replace Weiss, who moved to Washington, D.C. for a new job, and Nadia, who is still in a coma. Thomas Grace is a brash young agent with unorthodox methods who often butts heads with Sydney (...1...). Rachel Gibson is a computer specialist who, like Sydney, was deceived into thinking she was working for the real CIA and briefly works as a mole within The Shed, as did Sydney within SD-6, before The Shed's destruction by Dean (The Shed).

In an ongoing subplot, Arvin Sloane follows his own personal obsession, finding a cure for Nadia. Sloane is jailed for his actions during Season 4; however, he is released after the sentencing committee is manipulated by Dean. In exchange for his freedom, Sloane is now working for Dean as a mole within APO (Out Of The Box). Unaware of Sloane's new allegiance, Jack agrees to let Sloane rejoin APO and use its resources to seek a cure for his daughter.

With the series' end, it emerges that Sloane's ultimate goal is that of immortality, for which he sacrifices Nadia's life. However, he is trapped forever in Rambaldi's tomb by a critically wounded Jack, who sacrifices himself to avenge all the pain Sloane caused Sydney over the years. Sydney tracks Sark and the Horizon to Hong Kong, finding Irina. After a final battle between them, Irina plunges to her death (All The Time In The World).

The series ends with a flash forward to several years in the future. Sydney and Vaughn are semi-retired and married, with a second child named Jack in honour of Sydney's father. Daughter Isabelle exhibits the same ability to complete the CIA test that marked Sydney's inborn skills to be an ideal agent at that age. However after completing the puzzle she casually knocks it over, perhaps signalling that she will not follow in her mother's footsteps (All The Time In The World).


It took place in 2005 and 2006.


Similar in style to the last season, each episode compromises of the team being given an objective and having to complete it, overcoming any obstacles that come along in the way. It is not until the series end, when APO is destroyed and Sydney goes on a quest to stop Sloane once and for all that the format is slightly altered.

Major subplots[]

  • The revelation that Michael Vaughn is actually André Michaux.
  • Prophet Five A new criminal organization
  • Nadia's condition.
  • Sydney 's pregnancy and her feeling unable to cope alone.
  • Rachel Gibson's feelings after learning she worked for a criminal cell.
  • Thomas Grace's quest to find his wife's killer.
  • Sloane's obsession with finding a cure for Nadia, balanced with his for Rambaldi.
  • Alias Virtual Continuation (Series never produced canceled before production started)


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# Image Title Airdate
01 501 Prophet Five September 29, 2005
After learning that the man she has known as Michael Vaughn is under investigation and suspected of being a double agent, Sydney begins to question whether their business and personal relationship over the years had all been a lie. Meanwhile, because of Jack's past betrayal by Irina, he begins to worry that his daughter may suffer the same fate that he did.
02 502 ...1... October 6, 2005
Sydney teams up with Renée - a fugitive on the CIA's most wanted list -- to track down Vaughn's murderer before the killer can strike again. Meanwhile, Jack enlists a reluctant new agent, Thomas Grace, and Weiss struggles to decide whether or not to accept a promotion that would force him to leave his friends and colleagues.
03 503 The Shed October 13, 2005
Sydney is forced to partner on a mission with new APO agent Thomas Grace. They discover that Rachel Gibson -- a spy suspected of being involved in activities against the U.S. -- has something shockingly in common with Sydney. Meanwhile, Dixon must accompany Sloane, who's given a 48-hour pass from prison to acquire a possible cure for his daughter, Nadia.
04 504 Mockingbird October 20, 2005
When Gordon Dean discovers Rachel is still alive he captures Sydney while she is returning from a mission. He demands that Rachel should be returned to him but Sydney is reluctant to agree to his terms. However, if Sydney refuses she could face almost certain death. Meanwhile Sloane goes before a judge.
05 505 Out Of The Box October 27, 2005
Sydney and Tom discover that Renée has stolen the cryo container, and soon find themselves under siege by a group of mercenaries who want the contents of the container. Meanwhile, Sloane takes matters into his own hands to get himself back into APO and continues his quest to find a cure for Nadia.
06 506 Solo November 10, 2005
Rachel goes on her first mission while her family is placed in the witness protection program for their safety. Meanwhile APO sets up a trap using János Vak as bait which they hope will capture Dean, and they set Rachel the task of bringing him in.
07 507 Fait Accompli November 17, 2005
Sydney and APO attempt to discover whom Gordon Dean is working for and what their endgame is. Meanwhile, when the group, claiming to have a cure for his daughter Nadia, continues to play mind games with him, Sloane struggles for control.
08 508 Bob December 7, 2005
Rachel is called on a mission when a Micropulse bomb explodes on a train. APO believes this explosion can lead to information about Prophet Five. Rachel is asked to go to Brazil and bug Basarov's computer but she runs into Sark in the process who seems to be doing exactly as she is.
09 509 The Horizon December 14, 2005
Sydney teams up with Vaughn, or at least she believes that she does, after being kidnapped and being placed in a hypnotic state. What Sydney doesn't know is that the kidnapper is a very familiar face with an obscure interest in her unborn child.
10 510 S.O.S. April 19, 2006
Sydney sends a distress message so the APO team can locate her, but to retrieve it the team has to enter the CIA headquarters undetected. When they get trapped inside the building, they call upon an old friend to help them escape.
11 511 Maternal Instinct April 19, 2006
When Irina appears at Sydney's house, she persuades Jack and Sydney to go with her to Vancouver to retrieve The Horizon. which is being safely secured in a bank. While they try to get the item Peyton also tries to get it and all the action brings on Sydney's labor.
12 512 There's Only One Sydney Bristow April 26, 2006
One month after the baby is born, Sydney is taking time off from work. Meanwhile, Kelly Peyton arranges for Anna Espinosa, Sydney's old enemy, to be released from prison and kidnap Will Tippin, who is still in the Witness Protection Program. The kidnapping is a ruse to draw Sydney away from her sabbatical.
13 513 30 Seconds May 3, 2006
While the gang starts to learn more about Prophet Five, Sloane is distressed to learn that the cure for Nadia that Prophet Five gave him is just as likely to kill her as to save her. Meanwhile, Devlin returns, the search for Anna Espinosa continues, Rambaldi's prophetic Page 47 resurfaces, and Sydney offers Renée a job at APO.
14 514 I See Dead People May 10, 2006
Marshall reports to Jack that a microchip, found in Renée Rienne's body, is etched with the name 'Andre Micheaux'. Peyton tells Sloane that Sydney is being sent to Nepal to meet with someone regarding the chip. Sloane sends Anna, now Sydney's doppelgänger, to intercept. When Marshall discovers that the APO office is bugged, Jack frantically tries to reach Sydney to warn her before it is too late.
15 515 No Hard Feelings May 17, 2006
Sydney now posing as Anna, brings Peyton a microchip with a device hidden in it. Meanwhile Sloane finishes translating Page 47 and reports that only the Chosen One can complete the circle, which leads Sark and Sydney on a dangerous mission to a prison. Rachel finally discovers Tom's secret about what happened to his wife.
16 516 Reprisal May 22, 2006
Sloane takes Marshall and Rachel hostage in order to discover a crucial clue to Rambaldi's ultimate endgame, as Sydney, Vaughn and APO race to stop him. In an effort to find the missing members, Jack contacts Marshall's wife Carrie Bowman and asks her to come in to help.
17 517 All The Time In The World May 22, 2006
Kelly Peyton tells Sloane that she has made a deal for the Rambaldi Sphere with an ally in China. Sloane arranges for stolen missiles to be sent to Hong Kong. Sloane's plan is revealed to the APO members, who race to stop him before he can use the Rambaldi Sphere to put the plan in motion. Meanwhile Sydney has a long awaited confrontation with her mother.

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