Disic 1[]

1. The Two []

2. Succession[]

3. Reunion[]

4. A Missing Link[]

Commentie- Erin Dailey and Jennifer Wong[]

Disic 2[]

5. Repercussions[]

6. The nemesis[]

7. Prelude[]

8.A Breaking Point[]

Disic 3[]

9. Conscious[]


11. Full Disclosure[]

12. Crossings[]

Commites with  Jennifer Garner, Messlia Geroge and Ken Olin Conscious. Full Disclousure with Lawernce Trilling, Jesse Alexander, and Scott Chambliss[]

Disic 4[]

13. After Six[]

14. Blow Back[]

15. Facade[]


Commites with J.J Abrams, Jack Bender and Greg Grunbreg[]

Disic 5[]

17. The Frame[]

18.  Unvelied[]

19. Hourglass[]

20. Blood Ties[]

Disic 6[]

21. Legacy[]

22. Resurrection[]

Special Features[]

Animated alias tribual of the last two years

Deleted Scenes

Blooper Reel

Featurette: Burbankto Barcelona

Gadget lab with Marshall Flinkman

The Alias Diaries

Team Alias

Script Scanner

Cast and Crew Audio Commentary