Sawari's bodyguard was Malik Sawari's personal bodyguard.

Before Season 1[]

Sawari's bodyguard had a run-in with Sydney in Corsica two years ago, where he broke her arm in a fight.

Season 1[]

Sawari's bodyguard spotted Sydney and her team surveying the meeting between his employer and Luc Jacqnoud in Casablanca and chased after, shoving her in a gift shop. He demanded to know why Sydney was in there and threatened to kill her with a knife, but Sydney managed to overpower him with some of the items in the gift shop, breaking his nose during the fight (A Broken Heart).

He found Sydney again in São Paulo and knocked her out after she witnessed Sawari's doctors placing a bomb inside Dhiren Patel's chest. He dragged her to a furnace and once again demanded to know who sent her to São Paulo or else she would be burned alive. Sydney stealthily stole the pen from his jacket pocket and stabbed him in the neck with it, picking up a crowbar and whacking him several times in the head and chest with it. As Sydney ran off, Sawari's bodyguard alerted his team of her location over his radio (Doppelgänger).