Sabina was a freelancing mercenary who worked for Roberts.

Before Season 4[]

Sabina took the training program for the CIA which involved recruiting female agents with Russian language skills, but she was rejected.

Season 4[]

Sabina, Gregor and Jan were in the basement of a building when their leader Roberts showed up with their new teammate Vaughn. Roberts briefed everybody that they needed to steal an ancient artifact for an armored convoy, much to Vaughn's dislike since he knew there would be casualties.

Before they could do so, they had to steal a laser from a hospital in Bordeaux. Posing as car accident victims, they infiltrated the hospital and knocked out two of the doctors and stole their clothes so they could gain access to the laser. While they carefully began to take the laser out of place, they began to talk about their past and how both of them used to work for the CIA (or in Sabina's case, as least tried to). Sabina also began to flirt with Vaughn, much to his discomfort. When a guard walks in on them, the two tried to pass off as a couple making love in the storage room. Unfortunately, the guard sees through the ruse, and during the ensuing fight, Sabina shot and killed him against Vaughn's wishes. Later that night while patching up Vaughn, Sabina mocks Vaughn for his pacifist methods and began to seduce him. After giving him a passionate kiss on the lips, an enraged Vaughn pinned Sabina to the floor and retorted, "Consider this the second time you've been rejected by the CIA."

Roberts and the gang were finally ready to put their heist into play, but Vaughn told them that they had to do things his way, which meant no casualties. While Sabina cut through the vault with the laser, Vaughn stole the artifact. Dixon spotted the mercenaries and Gregor (or Jan) fired at them, forcing the team to flee. Gregor and Jan were slain in the firefight but Vaughn and Sabina got away in a tunnel with Dixon on their tail. Sabina tripped while running and before Vaughn could pick her back up, Dixon appeared and shot her in the chest.