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SD-6 (Section Disparu, "the section which has disappeared") was a branch of the Alliance of Twelve run by Arvin Sloane under the pretense of being a black-ops division of the CIA. In reality, the cell was one of over 100 SD-cells that operated on behalf of the Alliance of Twelve. They were working against the U.S. government.

After months of undercover work with the real CIA, agents Jack and Sydney Bristow eventually managed to take down SD-6 along with all other branches of the Alliance.


SD-6's supposed object was the "retrieval and study of intelligence both military and industrial throughout the world that is critical to the superiority and survival of the United States of America". Only a few highly placed members of staff (about six) knew about the organization's true agenda. Most of the staff believed they were working for the CIA (Q&A).

As a security measure, all three foundation points of the building were wired with C-4 explosives design to detonate if the inner vault was breached during a security lockdown or for other contingencies. Fail-safe or lockdown procedures could be carried out only by Arvin Sloane using his right index fingerprint.

SD-6 also employed an internal security division responsible for investigating and terminating any individuals who found out about SD-6's existence, those who believed of knowing the true intentions of SD-6, or suspected to be double agents/traitors to SD-6. Sydney's fiancée, Daniel Hecht, was murdered by SD-6's internal security division after Sydney revealed to him that she worked for SD-6 (then believed by Sydney to be a part of the CIA).




Sydney is approached to work for SD-6

As explained by Sydney in her questioning by the Department of Special Research, potential employees were approached by someone claiming to be from the government. They were told they fit a certain profile and they were being recruited to work for the U.S. government as a spy. Not using the name SD-6, the men led potential employees to believe that they were CIA operatives. According to Sydney, they were "very convincing" and had all the right answers to her questions. After signing around 500 non-disclosure agreements a cover job was offered at the organization's cover, Credit Dauphine. (Sydney Bristow was assigned as an office assistant on the twentieth floor of the Credit Dauphine building during her "evaluation phase").

After six months, Sydney was told that she was ready to transition to the real organization. She was taken to the SD-6 headquarters, located underneath the Credit Dauphine building on sub-level six. Operatives passed through a white room in which a flash bio-metrically scanned and visually confirmed their identity - after which, they would enter the SD-6 Rotunda.

For eight months, Sydney was trained to work as a field operative. During this phase of her training, she first heard the term "SD-6". She was led to believe it was a black-ops division of the CIA that undertook highly classified missions (hidden even from Congressional oversight) and was the reason they did not operate out of Langley, VA (Q&A).

Infiltration by the CIA[]

Although Jack Bristow knew of SD-6's real allegiance, he eventually began to work against them, acting as a mole for the real CIA. Following the death of her fiancé, Sydney decided to leave her job at SD-6; they interpreted this as a betrayal and tried to have her assassinated. She was saved by her father who told her that SD-6 was not a part of the CIA, but actually worked for the Alliance of Twelve.

Following her eventual return to the SD-6, Sydney turned herself into the real CIA and offered to work as a double agent to bring them down (Truth Be Told). However, she was unaware of the extent and depths of the Alliance until she was informed by Michael Vaughn, her newly assigned CIA handler (So It Begins). She also learned around this time that her father was also operating as a mole within SD-6 and had been there for years.

On many occasions, Sydney and Jack worked against SD-6, giving the CIA artifacts and information that Sloane intended to use on behalf of the Alliance. Eventually, they were able to crush SD-6 once and for all following a successful raid on their office and the residence of SD-6 operatives. The raid on the Credit Dauphine location was coordinated with raids on all other SD cells, including the Alliance headquarters in London (Phase One).



C-4 map of SD-6 (The Box, Part 2)

SD-6 had 600 cameras throughout its offices that are maintained and monitored by its Security Section (The Box, Part 1).

In the event of an emergency or security lockdown procedures, the Credit Dauphine building had 500 lbs. of C-4 explosives spread across three different foundation points that, when detonated, would leave no trace of the SD-6 cell whatsoever (The Box, Part 1).

Notable staff[]

The SD-6 office was manned by a contingent of fifty highly trained agents, presenting a significant barrier to any threats of physical security breach (The Box, Part 1).

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