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The Russian Federation (formerly the Soviet Union) was a democratic nation in Northern Eurasia. Its capital city was Moscow. The October Contingent was a Russian terrorist organization.

The KGB was the former secret police of Russia. Both Elena and Irina Derevko were former members of the KGB. K-Directorate was also a Russian terrorist organization, that Anna Espinosa was a part of.

Season 3[]

Boris Oransky was a colonel in the Russian military. He owned a satellite that he destroyed in a small town in Russia that killed several civilians (Reunion).

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Season 4[]

Yuri Komarov was a Russian who planned to sell the unstable Aurine-12 isotope. He was stopped by APO (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1).

Sydney and Vaughn infiltrated the Liberty Village terrorist training camp in the backwaters of Russia to take it down (Welcome to Liberty Village).

Elena Derevko used a Mueller device and The Orchid to enact Rambaldi's "endgame" in Sovogda, Russia (Before The Flood).