Robert 'Bob' Lindsey was the former director of the NSC and a minor antagonist in the first half of Season 3.

Season 3[]

Lindsey was the Director of the National Security Council. In the two years following Sydney's kidnapping and subsequent brainwashing at the hands of The Covenant, he had arrested Jack Bristow for conspiring with Irina Derevko in trying to locate Sydney. When Sydney returned, she blackmailed Lindsey into releasing her father by threatening to destroy stolen codes from a Covenant agent.

When two CIA agents had been kidnapped by the Covenant and the surviving agent being held for ransom in exchange for Julian Sark, Lindsey deployed CIA's Delta Force to recover the agent without losing Sark. Ironically, this gets both Sark and the agent kidnapped once more, with Sark finding out his parentage to Andrian Lazarey and the inheritance he received to fund the Covenant. Sydney's following confrontation with Lindsey results in him threatening to arrest Sydney for insubordination. He eventually has Lauren Reed assigned to the CIA as a NSC liaison.

Lindsay spearheaded the investigation into Lazarey's murder alongside Lauren Reed. Upon discovery of Sydney's role, he deployed NSC agents to arrest and torture Sydney Bristow, unaware that Lazarey was alive at the time and had staged his death with Sydney's assistance.

Upon a CIA-staged exchange for Sydney over a Rambaldi artifact, he blackmailed Arvin Sloane into hiring an assassin to kill Sydney, with no intention of handing over the artifact. However, he had no idea Sloane hired the assassin to kill him instead to save Sydney, to which the assassin succeeds in doing so right in front of Sydney.