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Rambaldi's manuscript was found at the Argentine determined by the Rambaldi clock the leather-bound manuscript was located in a pit covered by a door marked with the Rambaldi symbol. Page 47 of the manuscript was written in an invisible ink that could only be treated with a specific substance. The image of a women bearing  a resemblance to Sydney Bristow emerged and  the prophecy reads: This women here depicted will possess unseen marks, signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works: bind them with fury, a burning anger. Unless prevented, at vulgar cost, this women will render the greatest power unto utter desolation. The prophecy mentions three special physical anomalies: DNA sequencing, platelet levels and the size of her heart. Sydney matched all three. The prophecy also noted that this woman without pretense will have had her effect never having seen the beauty of my sky behind Mount Subasio. Perhaps a single glance would have quelled her fire. It was believe that once Sydney saw the sky above Mount Subasio, she would be able to disprove the fact that she was the woman in the image. Despite successfully accomplishing the task, Sydney is still believed by many to be the chosen one of Rambaldi's prophecy. The truth remains unclear.[edit | edit source]

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