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Rambaldi's tomb was the location where the 15th century prophet Milo Rambaldi was buried. It was also the location of a sacred pool where The Horizon could be used to grant immortality.

Season 5[]

Sloane tracked Rambaldi's tomb to Mongolia, where he went with several armed guards, as well as Julian Sark. After capturing Kelly Peyton, Sydney Bristow, Michael Vaughn and Jack Bristow learnt that Sloane was in Mongolia and found the tomb. They descended down, where Sloane was creating a Mueller-like device using The Horizon, a sphere which was filled with red liquid from the Muller device. Sydney, holding Sloane at gunpoint, stopped the device and caused the red liquid to fall to the ground. However Sloane fought back and shot Jack Bristow. Sark escaped with the sphere and Sydney shot Sloane, but he had already gained the powers of immortality from Rambaldi's device and was not killed from the shots. However Jack, who was mortally wounded, detonated some C-4 killing himself and trapping the immortal Sloane in Rambaldi's tomb alone for eternity (All The Time In The World).


  • It is somewhat ironic that the tomb of a man who Sloane had tracked and admired for over thirty years also became his own tomb.

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