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Terrorist Organization

"An organization so secret we all thought they were a myth, they are active again" --Irina Derevko

Prophet 5 is a disbanded project, and effectively a criminal organization, that was led by a group of twelve members, remarkably similar to the Alliance. In addition, the Shed operated similarly to SD-6, with most agents believing they were part of a black ops division of the CIA. Members have ties to British MI6, Russian SVR, French Intelligence, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pharmaceutical companies, and even the CIA. Prophet 5 also had some connection with the North Korean government, as Doctor Desantis was transported to a KPA facility after escaping Renée Rienne. Members of the Twelve controlled entire sectors of technology, finance, and defense. When Arvin Sloane is summoned to meet The Twelve in Minsk, they consisted of 11 men and one woman.

They first appeared when they were responsible for the supposed assassination of Michael Vaughn.


Prophet Five was started in the 1970s by Oskar Mueller as a project funded by a private foundation. Parts of the project were compartmentalized, but it is known that the "best and the brightest" mathematicians, linguists, scientists, and cytologists, including James Lehman and the father of André Michaux, were recruited to decipher a section of a 15th-century manuscript known as the Profeta Cinque (Fifth Prophet) which was written in apparently unbreakable code. They succeeded, and discovered that the manuscript referenced proteins, nucleotides and amino acids – advanced genetics apparently ahead of its time. Lehman and Michaux assumed they were being tested and presented their findings to a committee. The project was shut down and they were sent back to their everyday lives.

Meanwhile, Renée Rienne's father, Luc Goursaud, was involved in another part of the project as a test subject for clinical trials administered by Doctor Aldo Desantis. He was paid an impressive amount of money. It is unknown what he was tested for, but it is known that thirty years later, Desantis emerged from a cryogenic chamber looking identical to Renée's father. It is likely that Prophet Five experimented on Renée's father to develop experimental genetic doubling techniques, possibly based on Lehman and Michaux's findings from the manuscript. Renée's father discovered something about the experiments that disturbed him and he fled with his daughter across Europe, only to be taken away by Desantis. Renée witnessed this and swore revenge.

A few weeks after Lehman and Michaux shut down the project, Michaux contacted Lehman. He had begun to notice those who had worked on the project were starting to die in mysterious accidents. He then changed his name and went into hiding (as Bill Vaughn) and urged Lehman to do the same.

According to Irina Derevko, most people assumed Prophet Five to be a myth and discounted its existence, but around the time of the events occurring in Sovogda rumors arose that Prophet Five was real and had gone active once again. The group pursued The Horizon. The key to finding the Rambaldi device lay with old SD-6 files. Prophet Five kidnapped and hypnotized Sydney Bristow, believing she had the knowledge from SD-6 that would aid in recovering the device. Sydney gave them fake coordinates, but her mother Irina tricked her into taking them to the real location of the Horizon, a safety deposit box in Vancouver. Irina betrayed Prophet Five and disappeared with the Horizon.

Prophet Five's objectives revolved around 15th century prophet Milo Rambaldi, specifically his interest in Sydney, whom he believed was Rambaldi's "Chosen One." Ultimately, their endgame remained a mystery as the Twelve were slaughtered by Kelly Peyton on Sloane's orders. Since Irina and Sloane were apparently trying to achieve immortality, it is assumed the Twelve were after the secret as well.

Known aliases of The Twelve

  • Y. Olnocvhev
  • S. Danforth
  • M. Aidarov
  • D. Chivers
  • G. Borrell Jr.
  • E. Jacobs
  • R. C Chadra
  • PJ Pudeel
  • R. Archibold III
  • H. Coburn
  • M. Spratt
  • U. Hildaggo

(These names are from a type-written list found among the material on Prophet Five assembled by Michael Vaughn's father. It is unknown whether these are the original Twelve, the current Twelve, or some combination of past and current members)

Known associates

  • Oskar Mueller, Project funded by a private foundation
  • James Lehman Former Prophet Five (Deceased)
  • Doctor Aldo Desantis Former Prophet Five, emerged from a cryogenic chamber (Deceased)
  • Bill Vaughn Former Prophet Five (Deceased)
  • Luc Goursaud Former Prophet Five (Renée Rienne's father)
  • Renée Rienne Assassin
  • Gordon Dean Deceased
  • Kelly Peyton Unknown
  • Doctor Gonzalo Burris Unknown
  • Kheel (First name, unknown)
  • McMullen (First name, unknown)

Former associates