Officer Pollard was an SD-6 officer.

Season 1[]

Sloane contacted Pollard shortly after having a personal conversation with Sydney. He told Pollard to contact SD-4 so they could have some of their agents assassinate Sydney Bristow. Pollard wrote down all of Sloane's details before he headed out of Sloane's office to go alert SD-4. However, it turned out that the hit was just a bluff (Mea Culpa).

Later on, Pollard and another SD-6 officer approached Noah Hicks and told him that Sloane needed to see him. They escorted him to Sloane's office, and he was later interrogated by Calvin McCullough (Snowman).

Background Information and Notes[]

Pollard may have appeared again in Passage (Part 1). He was the agent who delivered a small package to Sloane (which turned out to be Emily's severed finger). However, Richard Whiten was credited as "Security Section Agent" instead of "Pollard." It's unknown if this really was Pollard, or if it was a different agent who was coincidentally portrayed by the same actor.