Paul Kelvin was a CIA agent who went under the identity of Jeroen Schiller.

Season 1[]

Kelvin was at the debrief with Vaughn and Sydney. There, he told them that they'd capture Schiller (who already made a deal with Sloane) and Sydney wound hand over Kelvin to SD-6, under the alias of Schiller himself.

Inside Sloane's office, Sloane began to question Kelvin about his work at Hensel Corporation and that he had $200,000 ready for him. Sloane then said he wouldn't give it to him until he told them where the plant where the inhaler was at. Kelvin did not know of this information and was unable to leave.

Sloane knew the only way to get through to Schiller was with force, so he called Jack to come down to SD-6 and Jack began to assault him, even though he knew Schiller was Kelvin. Sydney found the locationg of the plant in Badenweiler after telling Schiller who Sloane really was. Jack, who heard Sydney's conversation over an earpiece, whispered in Kelvin's ear to scream Badenweiler, which he did. Jack had to break his arm in the process to prove to Sloane he wasn't holding back.

It was later confirmed by Vaughn that Kelvin was safe and away with his family after the interrogation.