Novak was an SD-6 agent who joined Marcus and Sydney to acquire a Rambaldi artifact.

Season 2[]

Novak, Cooper, Marcus, and Sydney were sent to Siberia to find the Music Box. While Sydney found the device and recorded the tune, everyone else stayed outside and guarded the area.

Suddenly, Marcus spotted hostile(s) on his tracking system and warned Novak and Cooper to be on guard. Unfortunately, neither of them spotted anything out of the ordinary, even when they took out their binoculars. Marcus shouted to Cooper that the enemy was right on top of him, but ironically, the enemy was below, hiding under the ice. Shortly after Cooper was killed, Novak suggested that the machines were malfunctioning due to the weather. But after Marcus confirmed nothing was wrong, he told Novak that the enemy was under the ice.

Immediately afterwards, Novak was shot in the chest, presumably by Sark.