Nevil was an audio engineer who helped Will during his investigation of Eloise Kurtz's death.

Season 1[]

Will visited Nevil after he found a flower pin during his quest to uncover Eloise's death. He began to take the pin apart while Will talked about his investigation and Danny and Eloise's deaths. Once Nevil took the pin apart, he was surprised at what he saw. The "pin" was actually a government-issue microphone. Nevil quickly shushed Will afterwards, informing him that the pin was on (Mea Culpa).

The day after Will found a tape recording of Eloise's murder, he visited Nevil again. He analyzed the tape, telling Will that Eloise was shot twice in the chest and then once in the head. After analyzing the tape even closer, Nevil discovered that Eloise's murderer asked her about SD-6 on the tape, thus beginning Will's investigation on the terrorist organization (Spirit).