Ned Bolger was a member of The Covenant, who had a brain identical to Arvin Sloane's.

Before Season 4[]

Ned was born in Michigan and was a corporal within the U.S. army.

Season 4[]

After Roberts and his team failed to acquire a Rambaldi artifact, he calmly told his subordinate that nothing changed and everything still proceeded (Pandora).

Later on, Bolger had his henchman Carter kidnap Dr. Maggie Sinclair and forced her to build him a Mueller device. Sinclair told him it was impossible to do it and he told Carter to make her cooperate. Carter began to torture Sinclair and she eventually agreed to build the device. Before she could, Bolger traveled to a hotel to collect the transfer coil Sinclair needed to build the device. He killed Roberts after he betrayed him and collected the coil.

Bolger was attempting to leave the warehouse Sinclair was stored in along with Carter and the device, but APO agents intercepted them and started killing and subduing the guards. Bolger managed to escape in the confusion, but Carter was killed and the device was rendered inoperable (Another Mister Sloane).

Bolger traveled to an Italian monastery to meet with Father Kampinski and collect his orchids which were created by bees, but Kampinski denied his wish, even when he offered $50 million. Bolger had his bodyguards activate another, smaller Mueller device and all the bees turned aggressive, killing all the monks except Kampinski. Bolger later finished off Kampinski once he denied the request again.

Bolger traveled to Paris to collect a Vespertine text from an auction, but he was being spied upon by Sydney, Vaughn, and Dixon. They chased a man who stole the text down an alleyway and he jumped into a van, which attempted to flee the scene. Thanks to Vaughn flanking the van, the agents were able to kill all the guards and found Bolger in the back.

Bolger was interrogated by Jack and Sloane, where all of the agents found out that he used the same tactics that Sloane himself would use. Marshall revealed to everyone that he had a brain similar to Sloane's and it would be near impossible to break him. During the interrogation, Bolger revealed that some of the orchid extract was administered to the drinking population, which would activate hostile results once the Mueller device was set. In order to break Bolger, the agents had Sloane remember painful past memories, mostly of the death of Jacquelyn. Marshall transfered all the memories over to Bolger and he told everyone what his real name was, as well as the location of the orchid extract (In Dreams...).


  • Nicknames given to Bolger by the APO team include "Arvin Clone," "Marvin Sloane," and "The Rolling Sloanes."
  • One of the reasons for Joel Grey's casting was because Ron Rifkin was often mistaken for Joel Grey; the two also both appeared in the musical "Cabaret."