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The Mueller Device is one of Milo Rambaldi's most important artifacts. It has a hook-shaped armature which levitates a red, liquid-filled sphere. It was named after Oskar Mueller, an alchemist who was believed to have invented it. It works by containing compressed liquid in an ionization sphere, and can alter the substances it contains. It is one of the main devices associated with Rambaldi's Endgame.

Five known Mueller Devices have captured the attention of Sydney Bristow and whichever organization she was attached to (either SD-6, the CIA or APO). One device closely resembling a Mueller Device was used in conjuction with The Horizon.


The Mueller device (Truth Be Told)

Season 1[]


Construction of a Mueller device (Truth Be Told)

Arvin Sloane requested that Sydney Bristow retrieve the Mueller device from a laboratory in Taipei after a reconnaissance mission discovered its location. However, still grieving the murder (ordered by Sloane) of her fiancé, Danny, Sydney refused. However she went rogue and captured the device herself when Sloane sent agents to kill her, fearing her to be a threat. The device was small and portable and had a small levitating red sphere of liquid in it. Sydney disconnected the power cable from the metal armature (the golden wires on the right, pictured), and the ball collapsed into ordinary water. She took the metal armature back to Sloane successfully (Truth Be Told).

A large Mueller device was also found by Sydney (Almost Thirty Years).

Season 4[]

APO discovered another Mueller device in Santiago. Similar in scale to the large device seen by Sydney and Vaughn, it was in a compound owned by "Arvin Clone". Parts for smaller scale devices are also found (Another Mister Sloane).

Later, Sloane and Elena Derevko constructed a massive Mueller device over the city of Sovogda in Russia. Marshall deduced from raw footage he received from a hacker friend of his in Moscow that the device had to be around six blocks in diameter. The presence of the device led to mass violence and aggression in the citizens of Sovogda.

Jack suggested that the water in the city had been contaminated using The Orchid which led to the violence. Marshall described the device as "beyond toxic". Jack said that Lucian Nisard would know how to find Irina Derevko, who held the key to disarming the Mueller device. They went to Ibiza to find Nisard, who led them to Irina in Guatemala. When the Russians declared that they were planning to level Sovogda with a nuclear bomb, Irina made a deal with the United States government whereby she would help stop the Mueller device, then return to life imprisonment in the CIA (Search And Rescue).


The massive Mueller device over Sovogda (Before The Flood)

The APO team landed in Sovogka four hours before the Russians planned to destroy the city and kill everyone in it. The ball above was so large that all light from the sun was blocked out, and the streets were tinged red from the color of the ball. They made it to the epicenter of the device, and were contacted by Marshall and Weiss who said that Elena was trying to uplink a sub-audible frequency to the Russian mil-sat network to distribute the infection world-wide. The second that the bombers were scheduled to destroy Sovogda, the frequency would be broadcast causing the effects of Sovogda to occur worldwide. Weiss told them that they had around forty minutes to stop Elena. Marshall sent them building blueprints, but they realized that Elena would have every exit guarded. Jack told Sloane that he would help them get in, or he would shoot him. Sloane said it was possible to get to the roof, but stopping the device would be less easy. Irina explained that she could shut down the device by stopping the ionization, and the only result would be the impact of the water (Before The Flood).

Sydney arrived on the roof and began to stop the device. However, an infected Nadia arrived and tried to stop her. They fought for a short amount of time and Sydney managed to overpower Nadia, chained her away from the device's control box. Sydney managed to get into the main circuit board, but found a blue and a white wire. Irina did not know which to cut, and she asked Elena. When she refused to answer, she told Jack to start torturing her. Before he could do so, Elena told him to stop, and said to cut the white wire. Irina immediately shot Elena, and told Sydney to cut the blue, other wire. Just before she could do it, however, Nadia began to strangle her with the wire that she had escaped from. As Sydney was about to die, Sloane arrived on the roof and shot Nadia. Vaughn arrived and, with Sloane, took Nadia into the elevator as Sydney cut the blue wire. The Mueller device exploded, and water flooded Sovogda. The team made it into a safe location away from the water. Meanwhile, back at APO Marshall looked at satellite footage of the building and saw that it was no longer there, assuming the rest of the team was dead. They were alive, however, and in the streets Vaughn requested an evacuation from United States air support (Before The Flood).

Season 5[]


The device resembling the Mueller device used by Sloane (All The Time In The World)

A device that very much resembled a Mueller device was used by Arvin Sloane whilst using The Horizon to uncover Rambaldi's endgame; immortality. He placed The Horizon in a stand which illuminated it and created a symbol resembling the Eye of Rambaldi. After several minutes a large levitating red sphere was created, similar to what when the Mueller device was activated. However, in this instance there was no metal arm.

Sydney removed The Horizon from its docking and the red sphere collapsed. This time, however, instead of the device collapsing into ordinary water, red water flowed out. This could be representative of the fact that this was an altered version of the device that gave immortality. Sloane collapsed into the fluid after being shot by Sydney but was revived, showing that the prophecy was real and The Horizon did give immortality (All The Time In The World).

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