Mokhtar was an SD-6 Operative located in Casablanca.

Season 1[]

Mokhtar was seen greeting Sydney and Dixon with open arms, glad to see each other after so long. He informed the agents that he had a good vantage point to spy on Malik Sawari and Luc Jacqnoud. The team set up their positions and began to observe the meeting.

As Mokhtar and Dixon took several photos of Jacqnoud and his contact, Sydney observed the meeting in disguise very closely. Unfortunately, one of the bodyguards recognized Sydney and her cover was blown. Not only that, but the bodyguard knew that Mokhtar and Dixon was watching them from a high view window. Dixon told Mokhtar to pack up and leave, as Sawari's guards were rushing towards them.

While Sydney took out Sawari's bodyguard, she heard three gunshots in the distance. Sydney returned to the stakeout point and saw Dixon being attacked, and Mokhtar lying on the ground with a few bullets in his chest. Sydney didn't take Mokhtar's death lightly. Not only was he a personal friend of Sydney, but he thought that he was working for the CIA, when he was really working for a mercenary syndicate.