Minos Sakkoulas was a Greek nightclub owner and arms dealer. He was rumored to be Ineni Hassan's second-in-command.

Season 1[]

Upon hearing the supposed death of Ineni Hassan, Minos began to look for his stockpile of weapons while simultaneously keeping guard inside his club. SD-6 found out about his dealings and decided to intercept the shipment. They sent Sydney into Greece to hack into one of Minos's computers while posing as a nightclub guest. Sydney baited Minos to come towards her, but just as they were about to talk, one of Minos's bouncers told him of an impending arms deal. Minos left Sydney inside one of his rooms, however she broke her cover and escaped. Minos found Sydney once again, captured by one of his bouncers, and licks her face. Marcus shows up and the two subdue both Minos and his bouncer, escaping.


Minos' death at the hands of Bristow.

Minos is spotted once again driving towards the arms cache (which is doused in gasoline after Sydney sprung a trap) and finds the cache, as well as Sydney. Smelling the gas, Minos lowered his gun and got into a knife fight with Sydney. During the fight, Minos accidentally stabbed an electric outlet and is knocked down by Sydney. While Sydney escapes, a spark flies from the broken outlet and lands on the gas. The bunker storing the arms is instantly incinerated, with Sakkoulas still inside.