Michael Vartan
Date of birth
November 27,1968
Place of birth
Paris France
Role on Alias
Michael Vaughn


1989 Black Leather Jacket Motorcycle Boy Tv Movie
1991 Un Homme et Deux Femmes Fred
1992 Promenades d ete Thomas
1992 Stringer Chris
1992 Spender Paul Ducheyne
1993 Fiorillie Jean/Massimo
1993 Fallen Angles Harry Stone Tv Series
1995 To Wong Foo Thanks for everything Julie Newmar Tommy
1996 The Pallbearer Scott
1997 Touch Me Adam
1997 The Myth Of Fingerprints Jake
1997 Friends Dr. Tim Burke Tv series
1998 Dead Man's Curve Chris
1999 Never Been Kissed Sam Coluson
2000 I HadTo Be You Charlie Hudson
2000 Ally Mcbeal Jonathan Bassett Tv series
2000 Sand Tyler Briggs
2001 The Mists Of Aavlon Lancelot tv movie
2002 One Hour Photo Will Yorkin
2004 Alias Video Game Agent Michael Vaughn Video Game
2005 Monster In Law Dr. Kevin Fields
2005 Kichen Confidential Michel Valentine Tv Series
2001-2006 Alias Agent Michael Vaughn Tv Series
2007 Rogue Pete Mckell
2007 Big Shots James Walker
2008 Jolene Brad
2010 High School Calclus Teacher
2011 Demoted Rodney McAdams
2011 Colombina Danny Delany
2009-2011 HawthoRNE Dr. Tom Wakefield Tv Series
2012 Go On Himself Tv Series
2012 Ring Of Fire Dr. Mathew Cooper Tv Mini Series
2000 The Next Big Thing Kevin Lasater
2014 Bates Motel George Heldens Tv Show Season 2

6 episodes

2014 Satisfaction Dylan Tv show Season 1 4 epsiodes
2015 Crawlspace unknown
2016 Punch It