Meghan Keene aka Kiera MacLaine was a nurse working at a hospital in Montenegro. She was from Glasgow.

Season 4[]

Meghan was seen escorting Sydney to a patient's room and telling her how to take care of elderly civilians while she was in disguise. During Sydney's stay, she saw a soldier with a shattered arm getting pushed into the room by Meghan and it became apparent that Meghan knew about Ice 5.

Meghan later met Vaughn who was posing as a priest with a black eye in the lobby. While the two flirted with each other, Meghan's brother, Fenton Keene interrupted them. Afterwards, Vaughn secretly asked Meghan to meet later that night for a date. When she met him at a diner, they began to talk about their personal lives. Vaughn told her how much he hated his wife and how he killed her, even though she didn't deserve to die. Vaughn told Meghan to give up his brother and to find the courage to say no to him so he won't end up like his wife.


Meghan dies shorly after being injected with Ice 5

Meghan and Vaughn met again at night and she discovered that Vaughn was some sort of law enforcement agent, which only freaked her out more because she knew Fenton would find out. During the meeting, Fenton found Vaughn and put a gun to his head, taking him back to his lab.

In the lab, Fenton handed Meghan a vial of Ice 5 and ordered her to inject him in the eye with it, but she hesitated, knowing she couldn't do it. Sydney appeared (possibly after overhearing the conversation) and tackled her down, when a fight ensued between Fenton and Sydney. Fenton tried to stab Sydney with the vial, but inadvertently hit his sister instead. Before dying in Vaughn's arms, she hoarsely said she forgave him.