Season 1[]

Formerly an operative for SD-6, he defected from the organization, first to work for "The Man", and later to assume a leading position in The Covenant.

Cole first appears in Season 1 episodes "The Box" (Part 1) and (Part 2). He and a group of agents infiltrate the SD-6 office in Los Angeles and take the entire cell hostage with the exception of Sydney and Jack Bristow, who were in the parking garage of the Credit Dauphine building at the time. It is revealed that he is a former SD-6 agent who was tasked by Arvin Sloane to destroy a pipeline in Chechnya five years prior, but was captured and tortured by rebels. He is ultimately released and becomes an agent for the crime syndicate operated by "The Man," later revealed to be Irina Derevko, and he tries to procure a vial of liquid from the vault of SD-6 in order to expose the ink of a document written by Milo Rambaldi. However, after valiant efforts by the Bristows and CIA agent Michael Vaughn, he is apprehended and taken into custody by the United States government.

Season 3[]

He next appears in the Season 3 episode "After Six." After Julian Sark and Lauren Reed kill the six leaders of the Covenant cells, they attempt to use this as leverage in order to ascend to more powerful positions within the terrorist organization. To the chagrin of Sark, Lauren went behind his back and alerted Cole of Sark's intentions. However, this was of value to Cole and the Covenant, because the CIA was currently looking for a document called The Doleac Agenda that specifies the most important information about the Covenant's operations, including the cell leaders' names. Thus Sark's actions, while a betrayal, was beneficial to the Covenant and Cole promoted Sark and Lauren as co-commanders of the North American cell of the Covenant.

Cole also oversaw a demonstration of Sydney's apparent brainwashing as Julia Thorne.

Cole's current whereabouts and how he escaped from CIA custody are unknown.