Martin Bishop was a criminal who stole the Valta computer for the Baden-Liga. He was British, but lived in Spain, and had a reputation as a womaniser. He specialises in acquiring high-risk, high-reward military targets.

Season 4[]

Bishop was being driven down a country road in Andalusia when he saw an overturned car with Sydney Bristow in it. He pulled over and helped her out before the car exploded, not realizing that it was all set up by APO to get Sydney into his house. He invited her back to clean up, which she accepted. He left to attend to some business, and told her to stay within the house and not to go in the grounds.

Returning back, Bishop did not know that Sydney had hacked his server and found the location of the Valta. He invited her to stay for dinner which she had no choice but to accept. He suggested that they were "destined" to meet. Suddenly he received a call telling him that there had been an attack on the location of the Valta after someone hacked his server. He realized that it must be Sydney and kidnapped her and took her to Alameda Yards. There he spoke to the Baden-Liga on the phone, who said that he was a dead man for letting the Valta get destroyed in the CIA raid. At the same time Sydney and Weiss (leader of the CIA team who was also kidnapped) came after escaping from their guard. Bishop ran to his car but Sydney pursued him. He was just about to shoot her when Nadia Santos arrived and, convinced by Jack Bristow that he was her mother's killer, shot Bishop with every bullet in her clip.