Dr. Margaret "Maggie"Sinclair was a professor who was captured by Arvin Clone and forced to build him a Mueller device.

Season 4[]

Margaret arrived in Krakow, Poland via plane and was checked in through security gates while talking to one of her family members. During the inspection, a security guard (Carter) asks her to move to the side where he tells her to remove her shoes. He then proceeds to look through her luggage where he finds a Teddy bear that she bought for her daughter and escorts her out of the airport to talk to her in private, she is asking what is wrong with the Teddy while walking down a tunnel with the Carter plus another Security Guard behind her. As she walks down the tunnel Carter calls her by name to which she asks him how he knows that as it was another Guard who checked her Passport, he replies that it was on her luggage she steps in a puddle with her bare feet and gets annoyed, just then the other Guard grabs her from behind and renders her unconscious by injecting her with an anesthetic, she is abducted by Carter and the Guard.

Margaret wakes up in a dark warehouse handcuffed to a chair and guarded by Carter, she immediately demands that someone tell her what they want with her, and this is when Sloane 2 makes his second appearance, introducing himself to Margaret.

He tells her about Rambaldi and that he has been interested in his work for the last 35 years, he tells her that he has been following her work for many years and that he needs her expertise to build an ancient artifact, at first she tells him that he's crazy, she asks him what if she refuses just then someone wheels in a smaller version of the Mueller Device which she stares at, Arvin Clone tells her she won't refuse. Later Margaret tells Sloane 2 that without a transformer coil, the machine won't work, he tells her she has worked around problems before but she tells him it's not possible, Sloane 2 try’s to persuade Margaret to find another way, but she still says it is impossible. Sloane 2 then orders Carter to “persuade her”.

She is restrained in a chair with her hands behind her back and he begins to torture her with a belt sander (apparently applying it to her hands). The torturing is abruptly stopped when he notices the phone ringing. It is Carter (through the CIA telling him that he has the Coil and he wants to meet) he agrees then he tells Margaret that it may not seem it but today is her lucky day.

Once the coil is retrieved, Margaret is able to build the device for Sloane 2. She tells him she would have been faster, if he had not ruined her hands (now bandaged). As she was being escorted out of the warehouse with Sloane 2 and his bodyguards, APO agents showed up and engaged in a firefight. Sydney managed to subdue or kill all of the guards and Margaret was saved.