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=== Season 5 ===
=== Season 5 ===
* Dixon appears in every episode of ''[[Alias]]''. See [[Character appearances]] for more information.
[[Category:Characters|Dixon, Marcus]]
[[Category:Characters|Dixon, Marcus]]
[[Category:Season 1 characters|Dixon, Marcus]]
[[Category:Season 1 characters|Dixon, Marcus]]

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Marcus R. Dixon was a field agent with SD-6, CIA and APO. He was unaware that SD-6 was part of The Alliance, and he was offered a job at the CIA after the takedown of the criminal organization.

He was married to Diane Dixon, who was killed on orders of Arvin Sloane for the death of his wife, Emily. Dixon later had a romantic relationship with CIA director Chase.

Personal Information

  • ID-CLASS: 30408-1268
  • Alias: Brenell, Justin
  • Present Location: Los Angeles
  • Date Of Birth: 08/14/55
  • Place Of Birth: Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 195
  • Characteristics: Red-Green colour-blindness (left eye)
  • Training/Special Skills: Kung Fu, Linguistics, Finance Analysis, Cryptology.
  • Languages: English, Taiwanese, Sudanese (Dinka/Nubian/Beja), Arabic, Uzbek, Hebrew
  • Education: Sarah Lawrence, BS Business, MIT Post-Graduate studies in Computer Science
  • Experience: Recruit, 10-1991


Working for SD-6

Season 1

Season 2

After SD-6

Season 2

Working for the CIA

Season 2

Season 3

Working for APO

Season 4

Season 5


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