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| occupation=SD-6 Agent/CIA Agent/APO operative
| occupation=SD-6 Agent/CIA Agent/APO operative
| affiliation=[[SD-6]]/[[CIA]]/[[APO]]
| affiliation=[[SD-6]]/[[CIA]]/[[APO]]
| actor=[[Carl Lumbry]]
| actor=[[Carl Lumbly]]

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Marcus Dixon was a field agent with SD-6, CIA, and APO. He was first working under Arvin Sloane, but upon finding out that SD-6 was part of The Alliance, he began to work with the CIA.

Personal Information

ID-CLASS: 30408-1268
Alias: Brenell, Justin
Present Location: Los Angeles
Date Of Birth: 08/14/55
Place Of Birth: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195
Sex: M
Race: African-American

Characteristics: Red-Green colour-blindness (left eye)

Training/Special Skills: Kung Fu, Linguistics, Finance Analysis, Cryptology.

Languages: English, Taiwanese, Sudanese (Dinka/Nubian/Beja), Arabic, Uzbek, Hebrew

Education: Sarah Lawrence, BS Business, MIT Post-Graduate studies in Computer Science

Experience: Recruit, 10-1991


Wife: Diane Dixon (deceased)
Mother's Maiden Name: Forrest
Children: Robin (14), Steven (12)

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