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Almost Thirty Years is the 22nd episode of Season 1 of Alias, the 22nd episode overall. Will Tippin is captured by Julian Sark and is interrogated by Dr. Zhang Lee, Jack finally figures out who the mole in the CIA is, The Alliance makes a decision regarding Emily Sloane, and Sydney and Vaughn team up to take out another Mueller Device inside Khasinau's warehouse, and Sydney comes face-to-face with "The Man."

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Arvin Sloane: I understand your reluctance to work with me given... well, given everything. Despite my former allegiance, despite my betray of you and this country, you can't deny it; we were a great team. So I'll ask you this just once to please give me a chance.

- Authorized Personnel Only (Part 1)

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On August 20 in.. alias, Sydney and Nadia go out to lunch and Anna Espinoza takes Nadia. Nadia gets marked with a sterilized metal piece. Sydney retreaves Nadia. All returns safe and Sloane thanks Sydney but Sydney doesn't accept.

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