Luri Karpachev was a member of the Russian Mafia and an arms dealer. He was killed in an elevator accident on orders of Arvin Sloane.

Season 1[]

Luri and one of his partners were making an arms deal with a client who was actually Marcus Dixon in disguise. After finding out that their client was fake, they attempted to kill Marcus. But Sydney intervened and rendered both Russian thugs unconscious.

Season 2[]

Luri and two of his bodyguards entered an elevator (presumably to go to another arms or drug deal) when a set of explosives blew out some of the cables. The elevator descened a few floors, but the emergency breaks activated at the descent stopped. But then, another set of explosives (set of the emergency breaks) blew and the elevator began to plummet once again. With nothing to retard the elevator, all three men screamed as the elevator slammed onto the ground floor.

After his death, Julian Sark showed up and stole his wallet, looking for a lead to a Rambaldi manuscript involving immortality.