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Jacqnoud's death.

Luc Jacqnoud was a terrorist who was hired to destroy the UCO.

Season 1Edit

Jacqnoud went to Casablanca to contact another terrorist who hired him to destroy a peace organization and kill an important diplomant named Dhiren Patel. During the meeting however, Sawari's bodyguard spotted Sydney observing the meet and warned Sawari that they were being surveyed. While Sawari's guards dealt with Sydney and her team, Jacqnoud and Sawari escaped.

Jacqnoud was seen again in São Paulo, along with Patel and Sawari. Shortly after Patel made an appearance, he slipped into unconsciousness after his drink was poisoned, presumably by Jacqnoud. Later that night, Jacqnoud observed Sawari's doctors plant a bomb inside Patel's chest like a pacemaker and warned them to be careful. (A Broken Heart)

The next morning, Jacqnoud tried to destroy the UCO, but Patel had been rescued by Sydney and Dixon and was being taken away via ambulance. Since Jacqnoud couldn't activate the bomb unless he was within close proximity, he and his driver began a chase downtown. During the chase, Dixon carefully extracted the bomb and threw it back at Jacqnoud's car. Jacqnoud activated the bomb immediately after it landed on his car, inadvertently killing himself and his driver. (Doppelgänger)

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