Laszlo Bogdan was a freelancing mercenary working for Simon Walker and The Covenant. He was infected with Ebola.

Season 3[]

Simon Walker and his crew of mercenaries were sent to France to steal a set of viruses from a laboratory. While leaving, one of the vials broke and Laszlo was exposed with a fatal amount of the virus. Upon discovery, he was transported to the U.S. Stafford Naval Hospital.

Near death, the CIA sent Lauren and Sydney to the hospital to interrogate him. Sydney told Laszlo that, since he was dying and already in horrible pain, he might as well confess who his employer was and make up for his sins. Unfortunately, Laszlo confessed that he never met his employer in person. With no other leads, Sydney and Reed left the hospital.

20 minutes after they returned to CIA headquarters, it was confirmed by Dixon that Laszlo Bogdan passed away.