Dr. Kreshnik was the head of a Romanian asylum. He was also a K-Directorate spy.

Season 1[]

Dr. Kreshnik was seen with Agent Fisher escorting Sydney (who was feigning bipolarity) to a cell within his asylum while they discussed the transfer order. After she was thrown into the cell, Kreshnik and Fisher sat down and Kreshnik began to discuss why his consulate had never heard of his name or ordered the transfer, raising his suspicion. Fisher made up a lie explaining it, but Fisher was unaware that Sydney and another patient, Martin Shepard, were currently causing a stir in the lunchroom. Realizing Fisher was working for SD-6, he slit his throat off-screen and ordered his guards to capture Sydney. Sydney managed to fend off the guards for a while, but eventually, Kreshnik himself shot Sydney with a stun dart and she fell to the ground, unconscious.

After torturing Sydney, she told Kreshnik that the information in Shepard's brain couldn't be revealed via electroshock, so Kreshnik made a deal with Syndey and said if she managed to retrieve the information from Shepard before Lockdown, he'd let her go. Unfortunately, she was unable to do so in time and Kreshnik found both patients useless.

At night, Sydney was captured once again trying to sneak away without Shepard, but Shepard (after regaining his memory and realizing he doesn't want to die) fought off Kreshnik and his guard and rescued Sydney. While pinned to the floor, Sydney took a stun baton and shocked Kreshnik until he was knocked out and escaped with Shepard.