Kelly Peyton is a fictional character, portrayed by Amy Acker, on the spy-fi television series Alias. She is an associate who experiences shifting loyalties and alliances of an organisation known as Prophet Five, which is the primary antagonist of the fifth and final season of the series.


Peyton is initially seen working under Gordon Dean - the head of a Prophet Five cell, entitled The Shed, similar to SD-6. At this time she was not only a friend and associate of Rachel Gibson, but the only other employee (besides Dean) who knew where the The Shed's loyalties really lay. When Rachel finds out that she isn't working for a black ops division of the CIA, Peyton and Dean destroy The Shed - killing everyone inside, except Rachel (who was lucky to survive the blast).

After several failed attempts at capturing and killing Gibson, Dean himself was caught, and later killed by Arvin Sloane. Peyton is promoted and assumes Dean's role and position within Prophet Five.

Peyton was instrumental in securing the release of Anna Espinosa from federal custody.


As Sark describes, Peyton is a survivor, realist and opportunist. Her loyalties are only transient, that is, when they no longer suit or work for, she double crosses. This is seen in the final episode, where Sloane convinces her to join his initiative and she kills all twelve Prophet Five leaders.

As such, she is never seen as having consistent ties to anyone. She is seen as Rachel's friend, but didn't hesitate in offering to kill her at the first sign of trouble. She also never appears to be remorseful after taking a life - although she admits to Rachel that she would've felt guilty if she'd killed her even if she co-operated. In the next second however, when Rachel attacks her, she tells Rachel that killing her will be "fun now".