Father Kampinski was a priest who specialized in the study of bees.

Season 4[]

Ned Bolger traveled to Italy to meet with Father Kampinski after he heard about his special bee experiments. He wanted to know about Kampinski's knowledge with the bees and he said that he managed to breed the aggression out of them. Even though the bees had a venomous sting, he and his monks had no need to wear protective gear because he made the bees productive instead of hostile. Kampinski told Bolger that with the right modifications, they could make a better bee even more productive than it already is.

While exploring the monastery, Bolger found a rare flower that had been constructed by the bees and offered a deal to Kampinski: $50 million for the Rambaldi orchid formulas. Kampinski told Bolger that he was a man of God and had no intention to seek money and told Bolger to leave. As Bolger left, he instructed his bodyguards to turn on a Mueller device, turning the bees aggressive again. The bees began to sting all of the monks around the monastery and with no protection, all of them died (except Kampinski).

Bolger approached Kampinski and offered to help him with anti-venom, but only if he told him where the formulas were. Kampinski shouted out, "Go to hell!" and Bolger coolly responded, "You first." He then raised a shotgun to his head and blew his face away.