Mr. Johnson was an arms dealer at an air field named Shipman located in the Mojave Desert.

Season 2[]

Johnson was first seen making a deal with a man named Mr. Ludlow (who was really Vaughn using an alias) who wanted RPGs transported to Beijing. Johnson suddenly got suspicious because even though Ludlow was an accomplished arms merchant, he never heard his name. One of Johnson's men held a gun to his head and Johnson said if he was really a professional, he'd know what type of gun it'd be. Vaughn guessed it was an M1911 and knew that Johnson was just bluffing, because the safety was on.

Johnson completed the transaction and left the money and delivery instructions for Vaughn to collect, stating he had to catch a plane leaving for Asia in a half hour.

Background information and notes[]

  • Although actor Lindsey Ginter was given a co-star credit for playing "Mr. Jones", Vaughn clearly refers to him as Johnson.