Johannes Gathrid was one of the Covenant sub-leaders. He was the first to be killed in the coup that was started by Lauren Reed and Julian Sark.

Before Season 3[]

Johannes met Lauren for the first time in London where he promised her any help if she every asked for it.

Season 3[]

Johannes was in a parking garage in Berlin talking to a man named Robert when he spotted Lauren leaving the building he was about to enter, approaching him. Lauren asked for help again and Johannes instructed his guards to go upstairs. Lauren told him that the CIA was aware that there was a mole in their organization and she needed his help. Suddenly, they retreated to a dark section of the garage and began to kiss each other. Unbeknown to Johannes, Lauren had a knife hidden under her clothing, which she used to stab Johannes in the chest. After he was killed, Sark took the bracelet off his wrist and the two retreated to Paris to continue their rampage.