Jeroen Schiller was a biotech engineer for Hensel Corporation with ties to Arvin Sloane and SD-6. Like many others, Schiller was unaware of what SD-6 really was.

Season 1[]

Upon finding out that Hensel was making a vaccine, Schiller wanted to make a trade with SD-6: The information for safe haven in the United States. Sydney and Dixon infiltrated Hensel Corporation. Sydney placed one of Marshall's gadgets on his monitor and downloaded the files and password onto the card. However, before leaving, Dixon had to douse the building with a knockout gas when Sydney thought she was being followed. While Dixon was occupied, Schiller was delivered to Vaughn and other CIA agents and replaced with a faux Schiller.

Schiller demanded to see Sloane, despite the fact Vaughn told him who Sloane really was. Schiller simply responded by saying Vaughn was the fraud and that he only speaks to Mr. Sloane. The only way for Sydney to convince Schiller they were telling the truth was to talk to him personally. Sydney explained to Schiller that Sloane wasn't affiliated with the government and was a man who used people. She explained how her fiance was killed and that if she went back to SD-6 without the information about the inhaler, another innocent man (Kelvin) would die. Schiller finally told Sydney the inhaler was in Badenweiler.