Jeffrey Davenport was a senior CIA agent who was working as a mole for Prophet 5. After aiding in Sydney Bristow's abduction, he was ultimately killed by Prophet Five in Season 5.

Season 1[]


Jeffrey argued with Michael Vaughn about the issue of Sydney after she found out about a nuclear bomb in Virginia. While he wanted to send a team to retrieve the bomb, Vaughn wanted it to go alone because he knew that her cover would be blown if any more agents interfered. After Sydney disarmed the device, which was later sent to Ineni Hassan's warehouse, Jeffrey told Vaughn that what will be replaced as her handler. According to Arthur Devlin, he wanted someone higher up than Vaughn to deal with Sydney. (So It Begins)

Season 5[]

The A.P.O. high-ranking member, Jack Bristow, travelled to Washington D.C. after Sydney was abducted by Prophet Five mercenaries. He called for a meeting with only five senior CIA officers that could have erased the S.O.S. message sent by Sydney. The sub-agency of the CIA, Authorized Personnel Only, knew one of them was a mole that is working for Prophet Five. Marshall Flinkman was able to gain enough information from the erased hard drive to discover the cell phone number of the person who erased it. Marshall dialled the number in wireless and the phone received a ring, so Jack then shot Davenport in the torso. He demanded to know where his daughter was, but Davenport said he did not know anything. Jack shot him again in the shoulder, but Davenport still denied any knowledge of Sydney's whereabouts. Jack broke his nose; he finally caved and told him she was on The Athena, a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. (S.O.S)

Davenport on his way to the hospital when a truck slammed into the ambulance, flipping it on its side. He immediately knew that Prophet Five was coming after him. The two guards escorting him were killed in a shootout and Davenport surrendered himself to the assailant. He was shot in the leg by Irina Derevko who demanded to know what he told Jack. He denied mentioning The Horizon. Irina believed him but killed him anyway because he was now a liability to Prophet Five. (Maternal Instinct)