Jean Briault was one of Sloane's very close friends since the Intervention of the CIA in Chile During the Goverment of Salvador Allende. He was also aligned with The Alliance of Twelve.

Season 1[]

After receiving evidence and money transactions that showed Jean working with Alexander Khasinau, Sloane and Edward Poole contemplated about how they should deal with Jean. Although Poole said that their last option should be killing Jean, Sloane eventually discovered that it would be best to kill him.

Sloane met up with his friend in Montreal Park in the middle of the night and began to reminisce about their lives, with Jean mentioning how old they were getting and that he had a grandson. During the conversation, Arvin paused for a moment and stared blankly into the air. When Jean asked if something was wrong, Arvin took out a suppressed pistol and shot him twice in the chest.

It was later confirmed that Jean had nothing to do with Khasinau and that Poole was really the traitor within the alliance.

Season 2[]

Ironically enough, Jean was later found to be in fact a traitor to The Alliance, in that, alongside Ariana Kane he was embezzling money.